LenelS2, provider of advanced security systems and services, has entered into a global reseller agreement with Hakimo, a technology company dedicated to modernizing physical security through its artificial intelligence (AI) software. The agreement allows LenelS2 to offer the Hakimo solution, which integrates with LenelS2’s OnGuard and NetBox access control systems, to its value-added reseller community. LenelS2 is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

Hakimo AI software automatically prioritizes alarms based on security risk, allowing security teams to quickly respond to actual incidents and dramatically reduce door-forced-open and door-held-open nuisance alarms. The Hakimo solution also assesses access control events to uncover tailgating violations, or unauthorized access by people and vehicles, that might otherwise go undetected. Digital records of all events support personnel responding to incidents as well as compliance efforts in highly regulated sectors such as energy, critical infrastructure and aviation. Insights produced by the Hakimo solution can guide security system maintenance and help inform security programs and planning.

“We are excited to announce our deepened relationship with Hakimo, which aligns with our AI product strategy and roadmap,” said Jeff Stanek, president, LenelS2. “Hakimo’s award-winning solution addresses two of the top challenges that enterprise security teams face — false alarms and tailgating.”

Samuel Joseph, co-founder and CEO, Hakimo, said, “Hakimo’s AI solution is revolutionizing enterprise physical security monitoring. We look forward to bringing the technology to many more security operations teams through our collaboration with LenelS2, the leading access control provider.”

The bi-directional, integrated solution available through this agreement allows Hakimo AI data and alarms to display within the LenelS2 OnGuard and NetBox dashboards, enabling customers with the ability to enjoy single-source access control alarm management. Enterprise security end users can activate this immersive solution through their LenelS2 value-added resellers. 

For more information, visit LenelS2.com.