Genetec released the results of its 2022 State of Physical Security report, which examines the security strategies that organizations are implementing in an effort to effectively navigate the realities of a changing landscape. 

The survey comprises insights from more than 3,700 physical security leaders worldwide. Respondents included end users and systems integrators. Following are key highlights from the report.   

The future of security is hybrid

More than 1 in 2 (54 percent) of end-user respondents indicated that their organization’s target vision for security deployment is a blend of on-premises and cloud-based solutions. A hybrid approach enables organizations to optimize their existing on-premises investments while leveraging cloud options to save cost, increase security and efficiency, and enable remote access to systems and sensors. 

Cybersecurity concerns are rising

The convergence of information technology (IT) and security is inspiring new approaches to implementing and managing a strong cybersecurity strategy. A majority of IT respondents (64 percent) and security respondents (54 percent) indicated that cybersecurity tools are a top focus this year. 

Use of physical security for business operations 

The survey showed that almost two-thirds (63 percent) of all respondents and 7 in every 10 organizations with over 10,000 employees described physical security and related data as “mission-critical.” Over the past few years, physical security has become a strategic asset to cope with a variety of challenges that go beyond just mitigating risk and is now playing a much more significant role in organizations’ digital transformation. 

Physical security gets unified

Most respondents (64 percent) reported that they run both video surveillance and access control in their physical security deployments. Of those, 77 percent indicated that their organization had implemented either integration between video surveillance and access control systems from different vendors, or a unified video surveillance and access control solution from one manufacturer. 

“Every organization wants to get their hands on the latest technology. However, faced with budget constraints, talent shortages, and ever-changing priorities, security leaders are required to do more with less,” said Pervez Siddiqui, vice president of offerings and transformation at Genetec. “A unified security platform gives organizations a path to modernize their aging systems while leveraging their existing infrastructure. And they can do this without expensive and complex custom development.” 

To download the full report, go here.