Kastle Systems and PointCentral, a subsidiary of Alarm.com (Nasdaq: ALRM), are partnering to provide comprehensive security and smart space solutions that meet the unique needs of multifamily buildings across the United States. 

Multifamily owners and operators have long sought a single solution to manage their properties, from perimeter access to individual unit smart apartment control. The two companies’ integrated platform will deliver on that single solution preference by providing a combined set of benefits such as streamlined operations, frictionless user convenience, automated workflows, water damage risk mitigation, increased control over costs associated with operating vacant units and more. 

The partnership represents a “single key” solution that multifamily operators can offer residents, combining seamless, property-wide access convenience, and personal home automation, all in one smartphone app, according to an announcement.

The app will give users Kastle’s hands-free access from building entry to shared amenity spaces, and the ability to grant temporary access privileges for visitors and deliveries directly from the interface. Additionally, the app presents a menu of PointCentral’s property automation features, including smart thermostat control, water leak detection, intelligent lighting, and remote HVAC management with predictive equipment maintenance monitoring. 

The monitored, integrated system combines two intelligent technology platforms: Kastle's leading smart access management, currently serving 2,500 commercial and multifamily buildings with 47,000 businesses and 1.8 million users; and Alarm.com's smart home security and automation technology with over 8.4 million subscribers. 

Further, the new solution will be run using the same managed service model that both Kastle and Alarm.com have operated for decades. 

The combined feature set will give property managers performance visibility and remote management efficiency. It will simplify the administration of resident access rights, monitoring of resident credential distribution, tracking of access traffic, and granting of temporary access to model units. Additionally, it will help mitigate risk of asset damage with water leak detection and predictive equipment maintenance monitoring, as well as optimize utility usage of vacant residences within their communities. 

"PointCentral's technology is built to improve the overall community experience for both property managers and residents," said Steve Trundle, president and CEO of Alarm.com. "By collaborating with an industry leader like Kastle, we are building on our combined expertise to deliver solutions that help property managers streamline the management of their communities, protect their assets, and provide their residents with the benefits of a modern smart home." 

The partnership gives Kastle the opportunity to expand the services it can provide clients from the property perimeter to inside the individual apartment unit, explained Haniel Lynn, CEO of Kastle Systems. 

"Kastle has been a trusted technology partner for thousands of commercial and residential property managers for decades,” Lynn said. “By partnering with PointCentral, we are proud to provide a comprehensive suite of high-tech services to the most modern apartment communities.”