Telguard, a leader in wireless alarm communications, interactive and home automation services, and NETGEAR Inc., a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, have partnered to bring the Arlo Wire-free video system to the security market. Comprised of the flexible, award-wining and easy to install Arlo wire-free HD Camera and the Arlo Base Station, the Arlo Video System is supported by customer support team. Arlo can be used as a stand-alone video system or it can be quickly integrated with Telguard’s HomeControl Flex interactive solution.

Waterproof and easy to install, the Arlo Wire-free HD Camera provides a different point of view for end users. Unlike traditional outdoor video cameras that need to be tethered to power, the Arlo camera gives integrators and end users a new freedom of installation. Its completely wire-free design allows it to be quickly installed in a tree, on a fence, under a gutter, or anywhere within the range of the base station. With more installation options, dealers and integrators will find it easier to upsell video at every customer site.

“NETGEAR has a proven, wildly successful consumer solution in the Arlo camera,” said Shawn Welsh, senior vice president, product line management and marketing, Telular Corp. “We recognized that its flexibility, ease of installation and ability to integrate with HomeControl Flex make it a valuable solution for the professionally installed security market. The fact that it is wire-free reduces installation time to minutes and gives dealers and integrators the ability keep an eye on their entire property rather than just basic front or back door.”

Together, HomeControl Flex and Arlo enable remote viewing of security event triggered clips and livestreaming video to smartphones, computers or tablets. The Arlo Video System allows security dealers and integrators to offer an outdoor HD video solution that is very low maintenance and easy to install in less than 10 minutes.

“We are excited to have partnered with Telguard,” said Pat Collins, vice president of smart home products at NETGEAR. “By leveraging Telguard’s long-standing relationships with security dealers and distributors we are able to bring the professionally installed security market a best-in-class video solution that eliminates many of the challenges of traditional outdoor video solutions.”

The Arlo Video System is available in mid-February at security distributor locations that carry Telguard products.  

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