Pavion, a provider of integrated solutions for fire, safety, security and critical communications, has acquired Netronix Integration for undisclosed terms.

The acquisition is said to build upon Pavion’s expertise and service delivery in security technology including access control, video surveillance, and intercom systems. It is the 12th acquisition for Pavion since partnering with Wind Point Partners in June 2020 when the integrator was branded as Corbett Technology Solutions Inc. (CTSI)

Established in 2007, Netronix delivers security integration technology and services for enterprise customers throughout the U.S. and internationally. With a culture built on “the client comes first,” the company has become a preferred service provider for companies in sectors including education, technology, healthcare, and public service. Netronix serves customers from its headquarters in San Jose, Calif. 

The acquisition is part of Pavion’s strategic growth initiative, enabling greater depth in security integration, while expanding service delivery capabilities across the southern and western regions of the U.S. and internationally. (Go here to learn how Pavion earned the 2022 SDM Systems Integrator of the Year award.)

“Technology is ever evolving, and it’s important that we help our customers adapt to and embrace innovations in security systems and support services,” said Pavion President and CEO Joe Oliveri. “Netronix experience with advancements in access control and security solutions will enhance the services we provide throughout North America, adding to our long-term business growth.” 

Craig Jarrett, co-founder and president of Netronix, believes similar business brought the two companies together. “When we founded Netronix, we realized that we needed to grow alongside our customers,” Jarrett said. “We’re focused on building long-term relationships and providing world-class service, and Pavion sees the world in the same way, which is vital to us.”

Jim Muncey, president of the Pavion security business unit, is excited to have Netronix and its staff join Pavion. “We’re really pleased to have Netronix and its employees join the Pavion Security Business Unit. With Netronix and Pavion coming together, we have an opportunity to show more customers how security technology integration and services should and can be delivered.”  

Officially launched in October 2022, Pavion unites 12 legacy brands across its three business units: CTSI, DavEd Fire Systems, Collaborative Technology Solutions, The Protection Bureau, Star Asset Security, iON247, AFA Protective Systems, Structure Works, Enterprise Security Solutions, Systems Electronics, Firecom, Short Circuit Electronics, and Netronix Integration.