ADT Commercial announced it has completed its first pilot sale for its EvoGuard brand of autonomous intelligent guarding solutions. The company recently sold the Tando autonomous indoor drones to existing pilot partner, luxury Swiss watchmaker Movado to continue field-testing the solution in their distribution center. 

“This is a huge milestone in the launch of our EvoGuard brand and moment for ADT Commercial as a trusted commercial integrator entering the guarding market,” said Ed Bacco, vice president, emerging technologies, ADT Commercial. “We’ve long seen the value in intelligent autonomous solutions and the impact they can have on the future of guarding. With a landscape that’s vastly changed over the last several decades — with higher turnover, increasing labor costs and a diminishing talent pool — we knew we had to explore a way forward through technology. It’s incredible to see customers getting the chance to witness that value for themselves.” 

Movado has been testing the indoor drones at the group’s distribution center in Moonachie, N.J., since June 2022. It’s been actively field-testing the technology in collaboration with ADT Commercial and Israel-based Indoor Robotics to serve as a supplemental physical security measure for overnight and weekend coverage. With the purchase of the autonomous indoor drone, Movado anticipates enhancing its guarding program and operational security strategy to better utilize technology and streamline labor costs, according to the announcement. 

“In planning for the future of our corporate security program at Movado, we feel that true innovation is a must. You have to be on the cutting edge and always looking forward,” said John Holubowicz, director of loss prevention for the Movado Group. “That’s why it’s been amazing to collaborate with ADT Commercial and Indoor Robotics in piloting a solution that we feel signals the next generation in guarding.” 

With anticipated commercialization targeted for later this year as part of the EvoGuard portfolio, the goal of the Tando autonomous indoor drone is to function as an additional layer of 24/7 surveillance to patrol commercial facilities, according to the announcement. Primary features in development, currently being piloted by Movado and others, include: 

  • Ability to program a destination or set an autonomous patrol route at routine intervals
  • Option to program alerts to trigger investigatory flights and interact with security incidents in virtually real-time
  • Always-on video feed to provide more comprehensive surveillance coverage — whether in flight or monitoring from a docking station
  • People detection capabilities and object-avoidance analytics
  • Future ability to carry a variety of sensors, such as infrared video or radio-wave detection that can be integrated into other security and facilities management systems to help alert and respond to potential hazards
  • Intuitive user interface with indoor-only capabilities, so users do not need to be experienced drone pilots or certified by the FAA to manage a drone fleet or conduct patrols

ADT Commercial said it is seeking additional pilot partners for the EvoGuard suite of intelligent autonomous guarding solutions, which currently includes both the Tando autonomous indoor drones and humanoid robots by 1X Technologies (formerly Halodi Robotics). 

ISC West attendees can learn more about the solution at the ADT Commercial booth 20007 or go here.