Boon Edam’s winglock swing access gate boasts enhanced product features. The next-generation winglock swing solution will complement Boon Edam’s line of optical turnstiles. The new expanded range of dimensions for the Winglock Swing covers a passage of 3 ft. at a height of just under 6 ft. This is ideal to accompany Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlanes with high glass panels. Constructed from stainless steel and a single glass panel, the new Winglock Swing is elegant, easy to use and unobtrusive in nature and design. In addition to increased dimensions, the new Winglock Swing utilizes a synchronous movement to ensure that one panel is closed before the other panel reaches the closed position. This avoids pinching and allows the block detection to function as a standard door leaf. With this new capability, the Winglock Swing complies with the upcoming ISO EN17352 safety standard, a supporting standard to comply with the CE Machine Directive. The solution has further been designed to manage bi-directional traffic with effortless ease, using smart, intuitive technology to guide each visitor through to their destination.

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