Boon Edam’s Speedlane compact optical turnstile with HID card reader is part of Boon Edam’s family of optical turnstiles. The Speedlane compact features smooth glass barriers and flexible lane configurations and will be matched with a touchless HID smart card reader. The Lifeline Speedlane swing optical turnstile features a sleek glass casing and colorful LED to guide users. It uses intuitive sensors and a swing gate to prevent unauthorized entry and tailgating. The Tourlock 180 security revolving door with StereoVision + AMAG symmetry card reader is a four-winged revolving security door that provides high security in areas with heavy foot traffic. It uses smart, near-infrared technology to generate accurate 3D images of the doorway to ensure only one person is present in the doorway. It is equipped with an AMAG symmetry Bluetooth card reader. The Circlelock Solo security mantrap portal with StereoVision + Alcatraz AI facial recognition uses a space-efficient cylinder compartment with an interlocking door system. It guarantees that only one person at a time can enter. The Circlelock Solo uses StereoVision technology and can also integrate with biometric devices for multi-factor authentication. The Turnlock 150 ASTG with metal detection is a full height turnstile constructed with heavy-duty aluminum that operates in similar fashion as a revolving door. It is tall enough to deter casual attempts at intrusion and is capable of both mechanical and electrical operation. 

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