IK Systems announced it recently received the 2022 “USA - Technical Excellence Award” from Genetec, which is given to the channel partner who demonstrates the highest sales with the least number of support cases.

“We are honored to be the recipient of the 2022 Technical Excellence Award from Genetec,” said Melkon Babigian, founder of IK Systems, a systems integrator based in Victor, N.Y. “If we were going to win an award, this is the one to win. Of all the Genetec awards, the Technical Excellence award acknowledges excellence for our entire company and everyone in it from technical to sales to administrative. We are proud to be a Genetec partner and we look forward to sharing in our partnership with Genetec now and into the future.”

The Genetec Annual Channel Partner Awards acknowledge select partners for their performance in different categories. At the start of each year, Genetec reviews its channel partners’ past year results and selects a handful of partners to acknowledge their success, leadership and partnership.

"We recognize that this past year was as challenging as the previous two pandemic years, but IK Systems continued to show impressive growth with their Genetec sales,” said Michel Chalouhi, vice president of global sales at Genetec. “Valuable partners, such as IK Systems, enable us to better understand our customer challenges and help Genetec deliver better every day."

IK Systems is a full-service low voltage systems integrator of video surveillance, access control, intrusion, fire, audio/mass notification systems, facial recognition, WAN/LAN/Mesh solutions, network security, communications and cloud services.