Vector Security Networks, a division of Vector Security Inc., and the single-source provider of physical security solutions and managed network services to multi-site businesses across North America, introduced its Managed Secondary Services Network (MSSN) offering for improved business performance and security.

This offering provides multi-site businesses a completely independent LAN/WAN environment for a range of connected technologies such as video surveillance, environmental control and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. With MSSN, customers can deploy products that require network connectivity without the bandwidth and configuration challenges commonly associated with the primary corporate network. Examples include video surveillance solutions, Internet Connected kiosks and guest Wi-Fi.

“The MSSN is ideal for connection of devices with requirements or characteristics that conflict with how the primary network is managed,” said Darrell Epps, product director, Vector Security Networks. “The benefits of our MSSN solution include dedicated Internet bandwidth, improved security, streamlined onboarding of new technology and reduced workload on IT staff.”

Using MSSN to isolate certain systems/devices from the main network offers:

  • Increased security: By isolating select devices on a completely separate network, the security of the primary network is increased.
  • Better performance: Bandwidth consumption on a secondary network does not impact the primary network’s performance, and vice-versa.
  • Simplified IT operations: Internal IT members only need to focus on primary network functions, simplifying operations and reducing workload.
  • Third-party vendor support: Seamlessly integrate new technology with a streamlined process for approving and supporting new partners.
  • Advanced network reporting and analysis: Receive in-depth periodic reporting on the secondary network’s performance to help guide strategic initiatives and future goals.
  • On-site installation and configuration: Vector Security Networks provides a turnkey networking solution, from broadband installation through firewall and switchgear configuration and management.
  • High-speed broadband circuit: A dedicated broadband connection delivers flexible bandwidth without impacting critical business applications. LTE and 5G backup options are also available. 
  • Enhanced network management: Our NOC and support teams handle all aspects of firewall and network configuration, including patch and change management services.

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