By 2030, it is projected that a global shortfall of 15 million healthcare professionals will exist. Milestone’s new XProtect Hospital Assist helps hospitals respond to this crisis while continuing to provide high-quality care.

As hospitals and healthcare facilities grapple with staffing shortages, XProtect Hospital Assist offers an innovative level of remote patient monitoring that aims to help healthcare professionals do more with less, improve overall patient safety, care, and experience, and enhance the situational awareness of the staff.

“There is no doubt that the irreplaceable human touch of healthcare professionals is essential, and by integrating data-driven video technology into their daily routine, they can now be even further empowered,” said Rahul Yadav, chief technology officer at Milestone Systems. “With XProtect Hospital Assist, hospitals can improve patient care by offering an additional layer of support for the healthcare staff.”

Available now, XProtect Hospital Assist is a data-driven video and audio technology solution designed to improve patient care in medical settings. This advanced system empowers healthcare professionals to remotely monitor multiple patients simultaneously, enabling them to respond rapidly to incidents as they arise. By streamlining routine tasks and enhancing the efficiency of medical staff, XProtect Hospital Assist is poised to help significantly alleviate the workload burden faced by healthcare providers in today's fast-paced hospital environment.

Yadav continued, “With an extra set of eyes and ears in patient rooms, our solution enables rapid response to incidents, ensuring the highest quality of patient care. And by addressing critical staff shortages and streamlining efficiency, XProtect Hospital Assist paves the way for a better, safer and more connected hospital environment worldwide. We are proud to unveil this innovative solution, designed to enhance hands-on patient care and reinforce the vital role of healthcare professionals.”

Built upon the robust foundation of XProtect — Milestone’s versatile, open platform video management software — XProtect Hospital Assist is designed for hospital units that require continuous or situational patient observation such as individuals in intensive care and rehabilitation units, ensuring optimal patient safety and care delivery.

With XProtect Hospital Assist, healthcare professionals can observe and communicate with multiple patients simultaneously. By reducing the need for frequent patient room visits, the two-way audio communication functionality within the video system optimizes staff resources and enhances overall patient care. To uphold patient privacy, when staff observation is not required the intuitive Privacy Blur feature ensures that patients' dignity and privacy remain intact. Additionally, XProtect Hospital Assist includes automatic fall detection alarms, a critical tool that alerts medical staff to a patient fall, helping to save valuable seconds on their response time.

The XProtect open platform can seamlessly ingest and process vast amounts of data from various sources such as analytic software, specialty cameras, sensors and existing facility systems. The video management system within many healthcare organizations now serves as the unifying platform, bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights.

The Milestone XProtect open platform video management system currently supports more than 13,000 different security devices from more than 700 of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Technology Partners include providers of network video cameras, NVRs, cloud technologies, access control, alarm and detection systems, video analytics, GPS technology, laser scanners, emergency call boxes, and much more.

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