Milestone’s XProtect Hospital Assist offers an innovative level of remote patient monitoring that aims to help healthcare professionals do more with less; improve overall patient safety, care, and experience; and enhance the situational awareness of the staff. XProtect is a data-driven video and audio technology solution designed to improve patient care in medical settings. This advanced system empowers healthcare professionals to remotely monitor multiple patients simultaneously, enabling them to respond rapidly to incidents as they arise. With XProtect, healthcare professionals can observe and communicate with multiple patients simultaneously. By reducing the need for frequent patient room visits, the two-way audio communication functionality within the video system optimizes staff resources and enhances overall patient care. To uphold patient privacy, when staff observation is not required the intuitive Privacy Blur feature ensures that patients’ dignity and privacy remain intact. Additionally, it includes automatic fall detection alarms, and its open platform can seamlessly ingest and process vast amounts of data from various sources such as analytic software, specialty cameras, sensors and existing facility systems. 

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