Xtract One Technologies Inc. announced its partnership with Sentara Health to provide weapons detection services at hospitals in Virginia, following a successful deployment of Xtract One’s SmartGateway entry screening technology. The deployment at two hospitals was part of the evaluation for expansion to all 12 Sentara hospitals in Virginia and North Carolina.

Violence against healthcare workers has grown, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. About 74 percent of workplace violence in the United States is committed against health care workers according to the National Institutes of Health. While all Sentara facilities are posted as firearm and weapon free, undetected weapons have the potential to escalate confrontations into lethal conflicts.

Xtract One’s SmartGateway unobtrusively detects hidden firearms, knives and other weapons as they enter buildings. The solution’s artificial intelligence (AI) sensors scan for prohibited items without requiring the offloading of personal items.

“Our first promise to our patients, visitors and staff is safety,” says Sherwin Stewart, system lead for the Xtract One pilot. “We selected Xtract One’s solution because it aligns with our goal to provide a safe and welcoming environment. We appreciate the flexibility of Xtract One’s solution to adapt to our operations rather than the other way around.”

In addition to healthcare facilities, SmartGateway is also protecting entrances at arenas and stadiums around the country, as well as casinos, workplaces and schools. Its flexible configuration allows the technology to work effectively in a range of industries — from hospitals and healthcare facilities to stadiums and arenas — with the common purpose of protecting patrons and workers from mass casualty events.

“Xtract One’s SmartGateway is an ideal solution for organizations like Sentara, whose priority is providing a positive experience and exceptional overall patient care,” said Peter Evans, Xtract One CEO. “Sentara evaluated several solutions on the market, and we are very happy to deliver the customizable solution they were seeking. Most compelling was our ability to align our system with their specific needs. Our philosophy, and every aspect of the business is oriented toward delivering that brand experience for our customers.”

For more information, visit: xtractone.com.