The X-Series edge based deep learning analytics cameras continuously analyze movements and behaviors and use predictive analysis to track each object constantly. Particularly effective in dense and complex scenes, these cameras adopt business intelligence to highlight advanced dwell time and people counting. 3xLOGIC’s varifocal multi-imager surround dome camera (VX-20M-SURROUND-RAW) is designed for applications that require multiple angles of view that a standard camera cannot achieve. This camera contains four 5MP varifocal lenses that provide separate video streams. Installers can now deploy a single device capable of capturing coverage of a scene. VIGIL TRENDS is a dynamic application that incorporates point-of-sale data, exception-based reporting, X-series generated customer wait time analytics and video into a powerful tool that provides customers the ability to make better decisions, reduce unknown losses by identifying broken processes, help decrease operating expenses across the enterprise and reduce shrink, while empowering operational efficiency through data driven insights. VIGIL TRENDS takes customer POS data, along with X-Series camera analytics data and creates information based on customer defined exception rules to produce key performance indicators.