ASTRA autonomous video anomaly detection solution delivers real-time anomaly detection for a virtually unlimited number of security, safety, compliance and commercial/industrial applications across the enterprise. Unlike conventional video analytics, ASTRA eliminates the need for pre-configured rules to detect virtually any anomaly within a scene. This capability allows ASTRA to automatically distinguish acts of violence, individuals in distress, disruptions to assembly lines, and more. Further, ASTRA detects anomalies using statistical data analysis without any bias or human judgement. ASTRA allows for hundreds of video streams to run on a single server, significantly reducing the cost of implementation compared to conventional video analytics software. The lightweight application also creates little to no load on the user’s network. The solution transforms any video security system from purely reactive into a truly proactive, automated imaging solution, putting eyes on the entire system 24/7. ASTRA integrates with the industry’s leading VMS platforms, including Milestone XProtect, Qognify Ocularis, Genetec Security Center and Salient.

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