i-PRO Americas Inc., a global provider of professional security solutions for surveillance and public safety, announced the i-PRO Endurance Seven-year Camera Warranty on its full line of cameras. The i-PRO Endurance Seven-year Camera Warranty exceeds the i-PRO existing warranty by two years, enabling a 40 percent longer technology refresh cycle and underscoring the company’s confidence in its quality-engineered products.

 Bill Brennan, president of i-PRO Americas, said, “The i-PRO Endurance warranty underscores our confidence in the quality of our products. In essence, it represents a lifetime warranty. We are committed to bringing forth new products that exceed our customers’ expectations and withstand the test of time.”

The i-PRO Endurance Seven-year Camera Warranty helps customers avoid unplanned replacement camera purchases that impact budgets, while its superior engineering reduces the occurrence of failures that may expose critical infrastructure to physical security threats. Partners can also expect fewer service calls. And, in the unlikely event of a failure, i-PRO offers advanced replacement units so that cameras can be replaced simultaneously with the uninstall of non-functioning cameras, sparring partners an additional trip on-site and the associated costs.

All i-PRO cameras purchased in the United States, Canada and Latin America by customers and partners after April 1, 2023, will automatically receive a warranty extension from five to seven years. As is standard practice, restrictions apply to certain models, specifically the i-PRO PTZ cameras, which will have a seven-year warranty overall, but fans, motors, slip rings and lens assemblies will have a five-year warranty.

Nick Toth, director of sales, i-PRO Americas, said, “We are able to offer this extended warranty across our entire line of surveillance cameras because we are fully confident in the i-PRO manufacturing and design processes. It enables us to build the highest-quality products in the industry for our customers.”

For more information, visit: i-pro.com/.