Elite Interactive Solutions (EIS), a provider of replacement services using proprietary intelligence and 100 percent verified police calls, announced its remote guarding services have proved integral to resolving another crime. The incident, which took place on the grounds of one of EIS’ customers, L.A.’s Amcal First Street Apartments, has drawn local TV news media attention. Here’s what transpired.

On Aug. 13, 2023, at 2:10 a.m. local time, EIS’ Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) received a video alert for an unidentified vehicle with a flat tire parking in the apartments’ tenant entrance. Elite’s highly trained agents issued a precautionary voice-down, and the Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) was immediately contacted for a response to a wellness check as the two observed individuals appeared to be heavily intoxicated, with one of them passed out on the floor near his vehicle. Their descriptions and locations were relayed to police dispatch. Prior to the officers’ arrival, the two subjects were robbed and assaulted, which EIS’ SOC communicated to SAPD dispatch.

Before the officers arrived on the scene, one new individual rode his bicycle in from First Street and attempted to rob the initial individual. Officers were seen arriving on the property and handcuffing the individual attempting to rob the initial person, who was passed out on the floor. Shortly afterwards, paramedics were seen arriving and transporting both of the robbery victims to the hospital. A follow-up call to SAPD conveyed that the officers had contacted the victim.

At that point, no further information was provided. However, within two weeks video footage supplied by EIS proved invaluable in helping Santa Ana PD’s subsequent investigation that resulted in the apprehension of two additional perpetrators who had fled the crime scene. Local television station KTLA 5’s news aired the story, prominently featuring EIS’ video and the critical role it played in authorities successfully arresting all three robbers.

“I am gratified Elite Interactive’s SOCC could play an integral role in apprehending the suspects and help bring closure to the victims,” said EIS CEO and founder Aria Kozak. “This incident is a prime example of how, on a nightly basis, Elite is not only there for its customers but also acts as a trusted partner to law enforcement. Because we report zero false alarms, police know when Elite calls it legitimately warrants priority response.”

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