AC Nio is access control management software that gives customers access to an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard that provides the tools needed to manage daily access control credentials, run reports, set schedules and program the AC Series access control solution. An intuitive software platform, AC Nio features widgets, shortcuts, drag-and-drop functionality and graphics to make managing the AC series a breeze. An advanced scripting engine enables users to automate access control applications with unlimited customizations, while flexible permission capabilities support thousands of doors across multiple locations. AC Nio also features robust partition access and privileges, allowing for fully customizable administrator permissions. This means that an administrator can define who can manage specific doors, high profile card holders or special schedules. Additional features of the AC Nio include notification management and active directory integration. AC Nio offers multiple licensing options based on capacity levels that can fit a variety of needs, from managing doors, elevators, and surveillance cameras.  It is a modern, secure, and customizable access control interface that is easy to use, yet powerful.

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