The AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera is a lighter, friendlier wearable camera specially designed to protect staff and reduce assaults in organizations in sectors like retail, healthcare and transportation. This iteration is designed to address the demand for a wearable camera designed for use cases outside law enforcement. AXIS W110 deters, protects and documents. Wearers and the public will feel they’re not alone, which contributes to a sense of well-being and a more peaceful workplace. AXIS W110 body worn camera also offers excellent image and audio quality with exceedingly sharp images and clear audio for forensic usability. Key features include: a compact form factor (85g, 75 x 55 x 19mm); lightweight with flexible mounting options; open standards for easy integration with your own systems; easy to find and retrieve footage; and end-to-end encryption. It offers easy integration with AXIS camera station as well as third-party VMSs. Users can store as much footage as they like without compromising image quality, and it’s easy to find and retrieve footage. The system also features end-to-end encryption.

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