Genetec announced a strategic partnership with Point Blank Enterprises (PBE) a company that develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance body armor. Through this partnership, Genetec and Point Blank will be able to offer law enforcement professionals a direct integration between the IRIS CAM body-worn camera and the new Genetec Clearance, a case management system designed to speed up investigations by allowing different organizations to collect, manage and share video evidence and other relevant case information. 

Genetec Clearance allows police officers, investigators and security managers to gather digital evidence from a variety of sources such as the IRIS CAM, or other video management systems, as well as in-car systems and cellphone footage from bystanders and witnesses, and easily store, manage, review and share it from a single application, the companies stated. 

Built in a ruggedized enclosure, the IRIS CAM provides ultra-high definition recording with a 140-deg. field of view. The IRIS CAM offers 30 seconds of pre-recording and a long-lasting lithium polymer battery.

The integration of the IRIS CAM system with Genetec Clearance will allow for automated uploads, saving law enforcement officers time at the end of their shift. Once uploaded, the video can be viewed immediately, without the need for conversion. Post-incident tagging also can be added to the recording. Recordings can be shared with both internal and external users, at the click of a button, speeding up the case management workflow. The unique identity redaction tool in Genetec Clearance can be applied to mask or blur sensitive information which will protect the privacy and identity of individuals when evidence is shared with prosecutors or in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

 “By offering this integrated technology approach from Point Blank and Genetec, our respective end-users and channel partners will be able to bring a unique hardware/software turnkey solution to law enforcement and case management customers that has not previously been available,” said Paulo Motoki, chief operating officer, Point Blank Enterprises.

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