Telguard, provider of security and life safety communications, has partnered with Hochiki America, a manufacturer of fire alarm control panels, in the development and release of the Hochiki FireNET Comm 5G communicator.

As a flexible cellular solution to the continued phasing out of plain old telephone service (POTS) lines, the FireNET Comm 5G includes a custom connector cable that adds the ability to connect the communicator to the serial data port of the Hochiki FireNET Plus alarm control panel or the VES Elite RS-H panel, a private label version by Hochiki America.

Because the Hochiki FireNET Comm 5G is a version of the Telguard TG-7FS universal communicator, dealers can still choose to connect it to the panel’s DACT port, if required.

“With the end of POTS coming, manufacturers have been making DACTs optional or unavailable on the newest version of their control panels,” said George Brody,  president, Telguard. “And this cooperative partnership between Telguard and Hochiki America demonstrates our innovative ability to work directly with panel manufacturers for alternate means of delivering alarm signals.”

The FireNET Comm 5G is  engineered and manufactured in the United States by Telguard and is supported by its award-winning customer and technical support services. The communicator comes available with AT&T or Verizon service and is made exclusively for Hochiki America dealers to offer to their customers.