Integral Technologies announces DS RealVue, which can record 32 cameras simultaneously at 30 frames per second at full D1 (720x480) resolution. The products are offered in two chassis configurations, DS RealVue RAID and DS RealVue XPress. Using advanced compression technology, the products capture images as small as 1k at CIF resolution, resulting in smaller storage requirements and reduced network bandwidth. Both DS RealVue products support up to 40 total cameras (32 analog and eight IP) and up to four channels of video analytics per Digital Video Management System (DVMS). DS RealVue RAID is for applications requiring fault tolerance and high levels of redundancy. Both power supplies and hard drives are hot-swappable, so that in the event of a failure, the operating system data and recorded data are safe and intact while the system continues to record. The internal RAID 10 hard drives allow for full redundancy of the operating system, video and audio data.Integral Technologies

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