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$ 90 Billion
Justice/law enforcement (BusinessWeek)

$ 69 Billion
Corrections (ACA)
Federal, state prisons; state, local jails.
All expenses including new construction and private prison management; home incarceration.

Cost: $40 per inmate per day, excluding construction and remodeling costs. Probation cost: $15 per inmate per day.

$ 11 Billion
Disaster plan/recovery (FEMA)

Public Safety Growth Spurs Product Targeting

There are hundreds of security products now aimed or marketed to public safety applications.

What follows is a quick search of the SDM - SECURITY New Product Data Base for a sample of new products in which the manufacturer has indicated a public safety application. There are more than 3,000 new products in the SDM - SECURITY New Product Data Base that is available by a click elsewhere in this Web site. The service is keyword searchable.

Radio-Dispatch Control Center
Motorola's Land Mobile Products Sector introduced the CENTRACOM Elite radio-dispatch control center. Elite is a software-based radio-dispatch control center featuring an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that runs under the Microsoft Windows NT operating system.

Following the same standards as other Windows programs around the world, the Elite's highly recognizable icons are designed to reduce user training time and allow dispatchers to manage information more productively. It also allows other Windows NT programs (such as Motorola's CENTRALINK 911, CAD or word processing) to run simultaneously, saving sace and increasing efficiency.

Elite operates on a Local Area Network (LAN) in a client-server architecture. It uses industry-standard PCs, standard protocols and requires a standard ethernet adapter. The innovative system design allows a customer to download operator programming, information updates and personality information from a single source over the LAN rather than programming each operator position separately. Once changes have been downloaded, the positions run independently from the LAN.

CENTRACOM Elite has been targeted for all types of radio dispatch applications, including public safety, utility, federal government and commercial. Elite's global platform makes it applicable virtually anywhere in the world.

Motorola designed Elite to complete many dispatcher tasks quicker and easier than previous console models. Among the standard key feature enhancements are:

  • Each dispatcher's screen can be customized. Storm plans, shift changes and other special situations can be quickly downloaded from the server. Resouces may be viewed by priority; there is no need to go to another screen.
  • Simple point-and-click response. The dispatcher has the choice of using either a mouse, trackball or touchscreen. No keyboard is required.
  • Radio, telephone and auxiliary I/O resources can be integrated on the same screen. The real-time telephone dialer includes speed dial and eliminates paper lists.
Elite is the newest member of Motorola's CENTRACOM Gold Series, a product line that has been designed to allow central dispatchers to communicate more effeceively with field personnel.

Motorola's Land Mobile Products sector is one of the world's leading providers of analog and digital two-way voice and data radio products and systems for conventional, shared and private applications worldwide. In addition, Motorola, Inc. is one of the world's leading providers of wireless communications, semiconductors, and advanced electronic systems and services. Other major equipment businesses include cellular telephone, paging and data communications, pesonal communications, automotive, defense and space electronics and computers. Motorola's 1994 sales were $22.2 billion.

1301 E. Algonquin Road
Schaumburg, IL 60196

Two-Way Radio System
Motorola introduced its first conventional two-way radio system compliant with the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International (APCO) Project 25 digital standard. Motorola's ASTRO Spectra mobiles, SABER and new XTS 3000 portables, CENTRACOM Gold Series consoles, and Quantar base and repeater stations are all part of Motorola's compliant conventional system offering. The system uses the Project 25 standard's Common Air Interface with IMBE vocoder, provides DES-Output Feedback mode encryption for interoperability in secure systems, and is capable of Project 25 integrated voice and data. Motorola's compliant conventional systems are available in VHFH, UHF and 800 MHz bands. They can be configured for single site or wide area, and simulcast or voting systems. The Project 25 compliant conventional system also uses Motorola's MDC-1200 signaling protocol in analog mode. This ensures users can continue to take advantage of such familiar communications features as push-to-talk identification, selective call and emergency alarm, selective radio inhibit, over the air rekeying, message update and telephone interconnect. As part of its Project 25 announcement, Motorola also introduced its new ASTRO XTS 3000 portable radio, the company's next generation digital portable. Physically smaller than the ASTRO SABER, the XTS 3000 portable radio includes a number of performance and design features Motorola believes will make it a particularly attractive radio for many users. It also is Project 25 compliant in conventional mode.

W226 N781 Eastmound Drive
Waukesha, WI 53186

Code 3 Enforcers
The protection of steel safety toes is now available on two styles of Thorogood's popular line of Code 3 Enforcers, the footwear that public safety professionals rely on for durability, looks and comfort. A rugged oxford and a high top athletic shoe, both featuring the safety toe, are the latest additions to the line. Thorogood's steel toe cap meets or exceeds the highest ANSI Z41 PT91 1/75 C/75 ratings for maximum foot protection. The new styles have all the features that have built the Code 3 Enforcers line's reputation for comfortable service: full grain, high shine leather; Dri-lex linings; padded collars and tongues; removable Poly-pillow Footpacer insoles; and Vibram Enforcer abrasion and slip-resisting rubber outsoles. Both the oxford and the high top with the steel safety toes are US Postal Certified.

Weinbrenner Shoe Company
108 S. Polk Street
Merrill, WI 54452

All Leather Hiker
A new all leather hiker has joined Thorogood's popular Code 3 Enforcers line of footwear. The new hiker, like all shoes in the line, feature Thorogood's exclusive Vibram slip and abrasion resisting outsole with turn-on-a-dime pivoters and hot pursuit ridges that grip like cleats. Officers and other public safety professionals have a choie of styles: an 8 boot, a hiker (both with combination leather-Cordura); an all leather oxford; and now the all leather hiker. The leather is full grain, high shine leather for comfort and easy care. All styles are fully lined, including Dri-lex quarter lining to wick away moisture for drier, cooler, healthier feet. Padded collars and tongues add to the comfort, while removable Poly-pillow footpacer insoles absorb shock and reduce fatigue over long shifts.

Weinbrenner Shoe Company
108 S. Polk Street
Merrill, WI 54452

Contraband Search Kit
Instrument Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of two remote viewing kits made entirely of non-conductive materials. They have been designed specifically for explosive and contraband searches. Created as part of ITI's family of surveillance-related scopes, these two units provide flexibility and insight never before available to law enforcement and public safety officials. They are also both adaptable to a CCTV camera for documentation, or an eyepiece for visual observation. Model 135720, the semi-flexible fiberscope kit, has been designed to ensure maximum user safety. Manufactured entirely from non-conductive materials, the scope combines a battery-powered light source with fiberoptic illumination for guaranteed clear, bright, consistent images. It has a 24 long probe with a 2mm diameter, making it an excellent tool for searching inside small, hard to get at places.

The Model 135730 Articulating RVI Kit is 18 long and 3mm in diameter, and has been designed to articulate up/down 120 degrees. It is well suited to inspections where extreme caution may be required, and incorporates ITI's patented over-torque mechanism to reduce cable stress and extend instrument life. This unit also uses a battery-powered light source, and a variety of other light sources are also available for inspecting larger cavities requiring additional illumination.

Both instruments are extremely portable and easy to set up. They are designed to deliver evidence suitable for court presentation, and priced to be within the budget of any department. The Westfield, MA company also features over 1800 other standard and custom scopes in their product line.

Instrument Technology, Inc.
P.O. Box 381
Westfield, MA 01086

Winchester Safe
The new Winchester Tradition Safe is setting new standards for excellence by being the only gun safe that stands up to Underwriters Laboratories testing for both burglary and fire resistance.

The Winchester Tradition - which is Winchester's top of the line gun safe - carries both the UL Class 350 One-Hour fire Rating and UL Gun Safe burglary Label. UL is considered the benchmark for unbiased product testing because it is an independent laboratory that tests solely in the interest of public safety.

For burglary prevention, the Winchester Tradition features internal and external relockers, which defend against drilling or punching. the walls are 2-1/2 thick while the doors are 4-1/8 thick and feature poured insulation which acts as barrier material. Case hardened 1 diameter bolts are set five to the door side with two each on the top and bottom. And the bolt detent mechanism automatically keeps the bolts retracted inside the door when the safe is open to prevent accidental damage to the exterior finish. Each safe also has a bolt-down hole allowing it to be secured to the floor. On the inside, premium velour is used to prevent guns and other valuable from being scratched or damaged.

And for fire prevention, an exclusive thermo-cell composite material is used, providing protection that gives the Winchester Tradition its UL Class 350 fire rating.

Meilink Safe Company
111 Security Parkway
New Albany, IN 47150

Jerk and Run Units
BK Radio expands its product line to include a new series of Jerk and Run units. These new EC Series units combine a portable radio with an RF amplifier and a vehicular charger. They are perfect for current or future users of Bendix/King portable radios. The ECH59OJA and ECU49OJA models include a 50 watt broadband amplifier. In addition to increasing the power output of the radio, te EC Series units allow any Bendix/King VHF or UHF portable radio to be inserted into a metal housing that charges the battery. The Jerk and Run feature allows the user to flip a lever and eject the radio with a spring loaded mechanism when a portable radio is preferred.

Since the EC Series units can increase the output wattage of the portable radio, the units have many applications for government agencies and public safety. However, anyone who has the need for the versatility of a portable, wants the ability to increase power output or would like to use a portable radio as a base station is a potential user. The standard features include a quick release lever, a side connector for Bendix/King radios, transmit LED indicator, radio locking mechanism, seven watt audio amplifier,dead battery override, under the dash speaker, and the necessary installation hardware.

2901 Lakeview Rd., #100
Lawrence, KS 66049

The nationwide service, called 911Plus, will provide police, fire and emergency medicl services with critical personal information about callers such as medical history and preexisting conditions as well as the location of children, the elderly or the infirm within a household. In addition, a designated third party (such as a relative, caregiver or neighbor) who has been identified as an emergency contact by the subscriber, is notified by the 911Plus Communications Center that a 911 call was initiated. The new service goes a step further than Enhanced 911, which only provides emergency call centers with the phone number andaddress of a 911 caller. With 911Plus, when a subscriber calls 911 for help, a simultaneous transmission of their personal information is routed from the 911Plus database and delivered via computer screen to the 911 call taker at the time the emergency call is answered. The 911Plus service will eventually have multiple communication centers connected to the more than 7,000 public safety agencies across the country.

LifeSafety Solutions
One Wynnewood Road
Wynnewood, PA 19096