Potter Electric Signal Co. announces the PFC-9000 series analog/addressable fire panels. Each analog loop is capable of supporting 127 analog sensors and addressable modules. It features 12 A power supply with four class A/B (style Z/Y) indicating circuits rated at 1.7 A each. This panel features three-level password protection with field-programmable definition. The 9000 series has four alarm queues with selector switches and LEDs. It also has RS-232 output for remote system printer or CRT, and history log for alarm-related events with a 2,000-event log for all events. It features common control switches and/or indicating LEDs for system reset, signal silence, fire drill, lamp test, AC on, pre-alarm and ground fault. The PFC-9000 has two spare configurable input switches with built-in, one-man, walk-test operation. The PFC-9000 is UL listed. Potter Electric Signal Co.

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