The new UltraGuard 12VDC carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and shutdown system, which began shipping on August 15, can be powered by any 12V alarm panel and can handle up to 20 UltraGuard detectors. The Ultraguard 12VDC is an ideal solution for meeting CO code requirements for schools, motels, hotels, condominiums, co-ops, and tenant-occupied buildings, according to the manufacturer. If there is a CO situation, the UltraGuard Monitor and all of the detectors alarm. The UltraGuard Monitor has four CO detector zones. They both power detectors in the zone – and receive alarm and fault signals from the detectors in the zone. The Monitor also has six output zones designed to communicate three types of signals to an alarm panel: CO alarm, low temperature (if below 45 deg. F) and fault. The system flexibly accommodates the number of zones available on the alarm panel, the number of detectors to be installed, and the number of monitor input zones employed. In addition, there is the option of daisy-chaining monitors in order to wire more than 20 detectors into the system. Electronic Control Systems

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