International Fiber Systems Incorporated (IFS) introduces its D7400WDM-RSH Series 3-Port Ethernet Switch, a new model within the D7400 Series. The IFS D7400WDM-RSH, when equipped in a ring with four or more individual units, offers three levels of redundancy in the event of a fiber failure. In the event of a fiber failure the unit automatically re-routes the Ethernet data onto the other fiber in less than a second, ensuring uninterrupted transmission. The D7400WDM-RSH has the capability for faster recovery because it utilizes a trunking port to effectively re-route Ethernet data onto other fibers. This switch will provide point-to-point transmission of three 10/100 mbps Ethernet data signals over one multimode or single mode optical fiber with the fourth port operating as the trunking port. Each model features contact closure and LEDs to tell the user when the primary or secondary loop is operating. International Fiber Systems Inc.

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