Arecont Vision brings its newest product, low-cost AV2000 video surveillance system based on world’s fastest 2-megapixel network cameras to the industry. AV2000 delivers digital HDTV imagery at video rates across local area networks. AV2000 system is enabled by proprietary MegaVideo technology protected by multiple pending patents. This technology leverages dedicated massively-parallel image processing architecture and represents a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs. For the first time it has become possible to introduce to the market multi-megapixel video systems at NTSC price levels, with cameras priced below $500. MegaVideo technology allows simultaneous delivery of full field of view and high-quality zoomed images at video rates, post-event zoom-in capability from archived footage, and instantaneous no-moving-parts pan and tilt required for tracking of fast moving targets. Arecont Vision LLC

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