A W.R. Grace employee accesses the factory’s new lock system.
When W.R. Grace & Co. decided to improve security at its Chicago chemical manufacturing plant, it turned to Chicago’s Glavin Security Specialists.

At the Grace facility, there were several pressing security issues to consider, including limiting access to sensitive chemical storage areas, better controlling who accessed specific areas, ensuring that only authorized employees entered the premises, and making sure that employees could get out of the facility quickly in case of an accident.

Glavin Security determined that Schlage PRO Series programmable locks offered the best security solution.

Schlage PRO Series programmable locks are stand-alone, microprocessor-based, battery-powered locks that let building managers quickly add new codes and delete old ones via the keypad within seconds.

Glavin specialists focused on the perimeter, on rekeying existing locks with a new master key system, and on stand-alone access control on specific chemical storage areas to provide even more restricted security access.