ADI, Melville, N.Y., is offering on its inventory clearance Web site and in its distribution centers more than 250 “never been used” products at up to an 83-percent savings.

“The products really end up falling into three categories – overstock, surplus of product or discontinued products, such as last year’s model or the year before model, and third, things that are slow-moving,” explained Randy Teague, ADI’s vice president of marketing. “They sell so sporadically that if they sit too long, they lose their value.”

Although the merchandise is available online or in the company’s distribution centers, not all products may be available at all distribution centers. However, those unavailable at a particular location can be shipped, Teague assured.

“What we’ve done is go into each of our 10 different major categories and pulled products from each of those categories, such as intrusion, burglary, fire, CCTV, AV, access control, telephony, hardware and cable and wire,” he listed. “Every category is represented.”

Inventory is rotated, and many items are available for from one to three months, Teague estimated.

“As wire and cable prices are going up significantly with copper pricing increasing, this is one of the bigger opportunities to grab something of value,” he pointed out. “All merchanadise is unused, unopened originally packaged product, not overstocked, demo or repossessed – it is all original.”

The products are sold as is without any warranty, Teague emphasized. “If dealers keep the site in mind and check for updates, I’m sure they will regularly find opportunities to match a job requirement to a clearance item for increased profits.

“We want our customers to have the ultimate ease and satisfaction as if they were in one of our locations,” Teague stressed. “We have designed this site with the customer in mind and want to pass along the ultimate purchasing experience: price-competitive merchandise with superior service.”