GVI Security Solutions Inc., Carrollton, Texas, a provider of integrated Homeland Security Enterprise solutions for government agencies and the private sector, announced that its FastTrac Rapid Access Portal has been selected by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for installation at the main entrance of DEA headquarters in Arlington, Va.

“Installing our FastTrac Portal in a major government agency represents a significant milestone for the proprietary security technology that forms a cornerstone of our integrated Homeland Security Enterprise solutions,” said Nazzareno Paciotti, chief executive officer of GVI Security Solutions Inc.

The FastTrac Rapid Access Portal can incorporate metal detectors, biometric readers, RFID tags or smart cards to speed throughput and make rapid pass/fail screening practical and possible. If an alarm is triggered, the FastTrac Portal blocks entry and diverts the person who triggered the alarm off to the side, then reopens the portal so screening can continue without delay.