International Fiber Systems Incorporated (IFS) announces its D2510WDM Series Universal Serial Data transceiver. It’s the first environmentally hardened universal serial data transceiver that support data rates up to 512kbps. This unit provides transmission of a single RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial data signal over one multimode optical fiber. The IFS D2510WDM Transceiver is ideal for applications where there are many different types of serial data present. These include applications where multiple systems are being integrated over fiber and multiple camera manufacturers with different data protocols with different data rates are being used. Or, in applications where fire alarm, access control, and camera control data is required but operating with different data protocols and data rates. By utilizing the IFS D2510WDM transceiver the user can save time, labor and avoid confusion during installation. Instead of ordering different models of data transceiver for each data protocol application, the installer simply installs the IFS D2510WDM and connects the data transmission wires to the conveniently marketed and easily marked terminals on the unit. International Fiber Systems

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