Winsted’s accessories for the Pro Series II vertical rack cabinets feature adjustable tapped front and rear rack rails and new gusseted horizontal supports for additional strength. Pro Series II accessories include a vented top panel with mounting bracket for a cooling fan, a set of four locking side panels for added security and a 10-in. fan to keep electronics cool. The 10-in. fan includes a 5-foot power cord, two finger guards and a 10.5-in. blank panel for mounting in the top of the Pro Series II vertical rack. Seven-inch wiring spacers help to keep the back of vertical racks free of clutter when bolting racks in-line by routing cables and wires into the spacer. The spacer is open top-to-bottom with a bolt-on top panel. Removable front and rear doors allow easy access to all cabling. Winsted Corp.

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