Pacom Systems Inc., Sarasota, Fla., and Inovonics Wireless Corp., Louisville, Colo., announced what the duo says is the first remote wireless interface that allows customers to extend wireless alarm management capabilities into those areas where only traditional wired systems could previously operate.

Pacom and Inovonics developed the software interface for Pacom’s Graphical Management System (GMS), which supports Inovonics’ 900 MHz wireless intrusion detection devices. The interface integrates Inovonics’ pendants, sensors, and receivers with Pacom’s field control panels.

The addition of advanced 900 MHz wireless to existing security systems will help installers and system resellers capture more business in those areas where hard wiring had been impossible or a installation challenge.

Open architecture spaces, asbestos avoidance, and preserving historical property value are all situations that can require wireless sensors.

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