American Building Control Inc., Lewisville, Texas, announced a redirection in the strategic focus of the company, which will now concentrate on providing centralized, integrated security solutions for the corporate, government, and institutional markets.

As a result of the shift in strategic focus, the company will look to divest its retail consumer products division, SecurityandMore, and its industrial distribution business, IVS. The company is also evaluating the possible sale of its Mobile Video Division, MVP, but no decision has been made.

The company’s MDI Security Systems (MDI) and ABM Data Systems (ABM) operations will provide the foundation for the company’s new focus.

MDI, based in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., has been a leader in access control, video and audio surveillance solutions for more than 25 years. Its customers include security-sensitive government agencies and several large, high profile-corporate and institutional customers worldwide. MDI has been a strategic participant in a number of Homeland Security projects.

ABM, based in Austin, Texas, provides alarm monitoring systems that help companies and institutions manage alarm system environments. ABM provides alarm management software to central monitoring stations that are owned by either organizations for their own use, such as large universities, or commercial operators such as surveillance companies and central station monitoring companies.