The OV7950 CMOS image sensor from OmniVision Technologies Inc. is for applications that require a small footprint, low voltage, low power consumption and a high-performance video camera. The black-and-white version, OV7451, is also available. The OV7950 is a 1/4-in. sensor that uses one 3.3VDC power supply. Both devices support NTSC composite video output and can interface directly with a TV monitor and other device with 75 ohm composite video loading. The image sensors are designed for automotive and security applications and perform well in lighting conditions of approximately 1 lux and a temperature range from minus 40C to plus 85C. A windowing feature allows customers to adjust their camera setup by moving the sensitive area of the camera by a few pixels horizontally or vertically. Two or more video sources can be synchronized.OmniVision Technologies Inc.

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