The CIP16 series 4-Channel IP Crossover and Power Insertion Card is designed for use with the CX452 Modular Card Cage, both products from Nitek. The card is a component of the UTPLinks system. It can provide power for up to four IP cameras using the standard mid-point over Ethernet pairs and RJ45 connections in the horizontal drop to each camera. The CIP16 also provides the means to connect the four IP cameras to a network device, such as a hub or switch. Up to five CIP16 cards may be plugged into a CX452 chassis to power up to 20 cameras, or any combination of up to five CIP16 cards may be used with other UTPLinks system cards in a CX452 Card Cage. They can be used to power and crossover both IP and standard analog cameras in the same structured cabling network.Nitek

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