Napco Security Systems’ Freedom F64 Code-free security system eliminates false alarms and maximizes account retention. It is a code-free system that turns on and off automatically by using existing deadbolt locks outfitted with a patented lock-sensing tab that is inserted into the lock hole. Deadbolt and door open status are wirelessly transmitted to the lock receiver on the multifunction keypad. The touchpad with a wireless lock interface controls up to two doors and has a built-in alarm siren, Pet PIE sensor with 25 ft. wide angle coverage, talking voice-aid assist speaker, 4-zone expansion module and a wireless lock receiver. The customizable alphanumeric two-line display shows lock/door status monitored by the system. Other features include programmable panic, ambush and chime function. The partitionable control panel supports 8 to 64 zones, 64 users, 4 areas and a 400-event log.Napco Security Systems

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