Quick Response Monitoring Alarm Center, Cleveland, announced a program for alarm companies to secure funds for investments such as capital equipment or business acquisitions while still maintaining ownership of their accounts. The program, called “Flexi-Funding,” opens up new avenues for alarm dealers to secure loans for smaller dollar amounts without losing control of their accounts, according to Andy Ramos, sales manager at Quick Response.

“Typically financial lenders in the market assume ownership of alarm accounts when a dealer secures a business loan,” Ramos said. “And usually the lending institutions are looking for larger transactions. Quick Response has worked with alarm companies for nearly 40 years. We know how important the ownership of accounts is to the individual dealer. They’ve worked long and hard to get those accounts, and we won’t take that away from them. We partner with dealers on smaller dollar amounts under $150,000 to help them achieve their goals.” Ramos added that Quick Response also will work with companies that are looking for larger placements.

Quick Response Monitoring Alarm Center oversees security monitoring for residential, commercial and industrial accounts through the Midwest and Southern states. For more information about the company, contact Andy Ramos at (800) 462-5353, ext. 4411.