Seco-Larm introduces the latest in its line of video cameras and accessories: UL-approved AC and DC power supplies. Enforcer CCTV power supplies centralize the power sources for multiple CCTV cameras and/or CCTV accessories. The power inputs, power transformers, DC converters, and all fused power outputs are enclosed in one heavy-duty, easy-to-install enclosure. As a result, an Enforcer CCTV power supply can replace up to 16 individual power sources. The DC outputs are output-voltage adjustable with a potentiometer to compensate for voltage drop (12.0~15.1VDC). All outputs are individually fused with resettable Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC)-type output fuses rated for 1.1 Amps at 250VAC, and have individual red LED status indicators. Separate main power switches turn on/off power to all outputs. The UL-approved power transformer uses 120VAC at 60Hz. A spare fuse and a 6-ft. power cord are included. The cases are made of heavy-duty steel to protect the power connections, with a removable steel cover for easy access, ventilation holes to prevent heat build-up, and a grounded AC terminal block for easy connection from the transformer to the 6-ft. power cord.Seco-Larm

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