Elmo’s SUV-Cam is a pocket-portable digital recording system that can covertly record video images and audio. It can be hand-held, worn on clothing, or attached to a dashboard, mirror or other vehicle component. The system does not require cumbersome cameras, lights or cables. The camera is attached to the recorder/monitor by a 2.6 ft. or 4.9 ft. cable. Images can be viewed on the built-in monitor and transferred from SD cards to laptops. The waterproof camera head measures 3.3 in. by 0.7 in. and the dedicated MPEG4 DVR with a 2.2 in. LCD monitor weighs under 0.6 lbs. It delivers more than one hour of video and audio recording on an optional 2GB SD card. It features a built-in mono microphone or external mic and it has connections for an AC adaptor, earphone, AV output and a USB 2.0 cable.Elmo USA Corp.

For Free Information visitwww.sdmmag.com/webcardorwww.elmousa.com/cctv