Used for dry or latching contacts, polarity reversal, phone line seizure, or other switched control logistics, control relay units from Honeywell can play a versatile role in the customization of security systems. Available models include the HRB5, HRB1224 and HRB610, with each providing installer advantages depending on the specifics of the job. The HRB610 is a six-unit relay cluster that can be used as a complete unit or easily snapped apart for individual use. It is a 12/24VDC selectable 50mA coil draw control relay with SPDT contacts rated 10A/120VAC/28VDC. Both the HRB5 and HRB1224 models feature a set of DPDT contacts rated 5A/120VAC/28VDC; however the HRB5 model has 6/12 VDC selectable operation with a 120mA coil draw, while the HRB1224 has 12/24 VDC selectable operation and a 50mA coil draw. All models have LED indication of relay operation for easy diagnostics and mount quickly with the included foam tape or with the optional HST34 snap track. Screw terminals accommodate up to a 12-gage wire.Honeywell Power Products

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