A line of multichannel digital video recorders from TOA Electronics, the C-DR091 and C-DR161 Series, features 16 models with hard drives of 80, 160, 320 and 600GB as well as an optional DVD recorder. The DVRs provide M-JPEG images of 720-by-240 at 120 fps and a built-in network time protocol (NTP) server to ensure automatic and reliable system time synchronization. Other features include remote surveillance using a standard network browser, secure user access through USB log-in and double keylock protection. Up to eight DVRs can be cascaded for 128 camera inputs and 36.8TB data storage. The optional remote camera controller, the C-RM1000, controls up to eight TOA DVRs and 128 combination dome cameras. Up to four remote controllers can be combined by using the TOA C-RF1000 interface unit.TOA Electronics Inc.

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