Rainbow’s DVC128 portable DVR with built-in high resolution digital camera offers a low-cost video capture facility and records images using a 128 MB flash memory which can be optimized in a motion detection mode. Applications include shops, distribution centers, stockrooms, schools and public transport. The unit also can be used for general workplace surveillance with regard to safety practice and injury claims or observation of pets and livestock. Equipment can be employed in taxicabs with the motion activation mode being particularly effective since it can coincide with the passenger entering the vehicle. The DVRs support both NTSC and PAL and resume recording automatically after power loss. An intuitive interface allows inexperienced users to select image compression qualities (high/medium/low) and frame rates, according to the requirements of the location. Recording intervals can be 10/5/3/2 seconds or 1/2/4/8 frames per second up to the maximum setting. Power input is 12VDC.Rainbow

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