The Spectra III EVS (Endura Video System) combines an integrated dome system with Endura, a network-based video security solution from Pelco. The system offers the most demanded features of the Spectra III Series dome system, including built-in back box memory, seven alarm inputs and an auxiliary output. It delivers dual MPEG-4 streams and can process up to 30 high-quality (4CIF) images per second per stream. The system’s built-in motion adaptive interlacing technology reduces jitter in 4CIF images, ensuring picture quality. The dome attaches to a network via a standard RJ-45 connector and the camera’s output of a high-quality MPEG 4 video stream can be routed to an Endura network video recorder or any other device that resides on a network. The dome’s integrated encoding allows Cat 5e (or higher) cable to be brought directly to the camera location, which results in system design flexibility, and it is compatible with all Spectra III and Spectra III SE dome drives.Pelco

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