Honeywell’s Rapid Eye Multi-Media DSP, is a 16-channel DVR that simultaneously records, searches, and transmits live and recorded video, audio, and data transactions. Benefits of the system include superior live video images, dramatically improved capture rates and recorded images, event-driven and accelerated response recording, and increased internal storage capacity up to 2 TB. The Rapid Eye Multi-Media DSP system consists of three major components: a new video recorder unit capable of real-time digital video recording; a workstation/ server-based administration tool capable of enterprise-wide site and user management; and a feature-rich, workstation-based program that offers operators complete remote capabilities. Rapid Eye DSP is ideal for use in commercial, industrial, municipal, financial, or retail markets, and is compatible with all previous generations of Rapid Eye units, making it easy to integrate into existing Rapid Eye or CCTV installations and physical security systems.Honeywell

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