The 2000 Series Platform of access control keypads from International Electronics Inc. manage up to 500 users, monitor door position, control lock hardware and trigger a propped or forced door alert or alarm shunt. Users can change to either an independent stand-alone access control device, or a front-end to IEI access systems and most Wiegand access system controllers. Initially, the keypads will be available in the e and eM style products. The e Style keypad is a flush-mount backlit keypad and the eM Style keypad is a flush-mount durable metal keypad. Functionally, a single 2000 Series keypad has the capability of the 212, 242, and SSW series of IEI keypads. A new expanded output module available with 2000 Series products enables the addition of eight additional control outputs for a total of 10 outputs. The expanded output connects to the keypad with a six-conductor connection and can be installed remotely from the keypad up to a distance of 30 feet. The expansion module easily mounts to a double gang plate and can also fit in a double gang box.

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