Software House C·CURE 9000 was developed with the .NET framework 3.0, SQL Server 2005 and other standard IT tools, such as XML. The software streamlines the management of a number of applications – from physical access control and video surveillance to single sign-on authentication and integrated ERP systems. An application layout editor lets users drag and drop any integrated application onto a single monitoring station. This creates a customized hub for all activities via a single “command and control” center. In parallel, C·CURE 9000 makes optimal use of Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation as the fundamental integration technology, and XML as the core communication language, setting the standard for implementation of IT tools and best practices. Features include distributed architecture that supports organizational/infrastructure growth; ability to drag and drop cameras icons for integration with digital video management systems such as American Dynamics Intellex; dynamic views that provide a tailored display of activities and screens; advanced graphical maps to virtually control security objects; and intuitive installation capabilities that let users upgrade remote systems from a central server and virtually eliminate painstaking, system-wide upgrades.

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