The RD5000 from Symbol Technologies Inc. is a compact, mobile Gen 2 RFID reader that can be integrated with forklifts, pallet jacks, stretch wrappers and other material handling equipment, and utilized in various space-constrained environments. By extending the range of RFID beyond the dock door, the reader provides customers with improved asset visibility in motion throughout the supply chain. It can also be mounted on a forklift with the Symbol VC5090 vehicle/fixed mount computer to relieve drivers from spending time recording the receipt and movement of goods. The reader features cable-free operation, an integrated antenna, Bluetooth communication capabilities and wireless connectivity. These features, combined with the reader’s small dimensions and Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 platform, help ease the installation, maintenance and integration of the reader with existing processes and networks. The reader will also support Symbol’s upcoming Wireless-Next Generation (Wi-NG) RF-switching system, which will allow organizations to deploy and manage evolving RF networks from one central location. The rugged design has been tested to withstand the shocks and blows that take place in extreme environments, and has been sealed to IP66 specifications for protection against dust and water. To maximize battery life during work shifts, the reader is equipped with sensors that detect the device’s proximity to tagged items, shutting down when motionless or out of tag range.

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