More than 100 people attended the Micro Key Software Users Conference, working collectively to improve their businesses in relation to the company’s Millennium Series software.

The 14th annual Micro Key Software Users Conference “Putting It All Together” took place in Orlando, Florida, January 30 to February 2, 2007. Over 100 Millennium Series users, prospects and media worked collectively to discuss and evaluate what is most important for running their businesses effectively and how Micro Key, Kissimmee, Fla., can assist.

Educational seminars and roundtable sessions covered central station features, Micro Key’s access control interface, train-the-trainer operator training, UL issues and answers, new technology presented by Bosch and DSC and new enhancement requests from users. This year’s roundtables were focused on determining and prioritizing requests from Millennium Series software users.

“Prior to the conference, we gathered input from our users and handed out a list of requested new features for attendees to prioritize, thus streamlining the roundtables,” explained Brenda Judy, general manager of Micro Key Software.

 In an e-mail sent by Micro Key client Duane Ising of Security Alarm Corp., Ising said, “I agree that the overall conference experience was a great one. I left with a good feeling that [Micro Key] employees are all making the software really work for us. Getting users to prioritize fixes and enhancements was a democratic concept I don’t think many companies ever employ.” 

A key feature of every conference is the Thursday Night on the Town, and this year did not disappoint. Everyone enjoyed dancing and dining at Universal City Walk.

“We’ve been holding successful conferences for 14 years and have made improvements every year. This year was definitely our best, and I expect next year to be even better!” exclaimed Wayne Torrens, president of Micro Key Software. For more information on Micro Key,