Graduates of the Certified Alarm Technician (Level I) course from the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association’s (NBFAA) National Training School (NTS) can now seek Advanced Burglar Alarm Technician (ABAT) training online.

“NTS’ purpose is to provide training to systems integrators throughout the country. From anywhere in the world, they are able to receive this valuable training, and do so on their own time,” said Paul Baran NBFAA education committee chairman.

Participants will learn how to properly wire and troubleshoot speakers and siren drivers, determine the minimum size power supply needed for a system to operate for a specified number of hours without primary power, choose the number, location and type of detection devices to meet customer’s needs, list the completion tests that must be performed to ensure proper system operation, identify the factors that must be considered before selecting a panel, troubleshoot a system that has failed to communicate and describe the purpose and operation of each programmable option in the Security Industry Association (SIA) control panel standard.

This course is also available in a classroom format around the country. For a complete list of locations or to register online for the electronic option, go to theprofessional developmentsection